So far despite only a little snow we have had great success on our lion hunts. Our dogs are now 7 cats out of 8 hunters. Check out some of the pictures including last weekend (March 11th ) when we harvested a nice lion for Mike from New Mexico.

Fred and his trophy tom, first cat of the year.

Fred, Jake and Cam guided Dave Coleman from Mississippi on this big cat.

Clinton Thurston and his first Mtn Lion.¬† Clinton’s Dad Bill borrowed one of our lion dogs, Velvet for a public land hunt. The game wardens say this is the first cat they have ever checked in from the Bosque Wildlife area.

Guide Jake Kraus guided Matt on this beautiful  cat.  This is one of three cats we caught for clients in two days.

Guides Jake, Cam and Dick with client Will and his dad from Texas. Will’s obviously very proud of this big Tom.

Guides Cam and Dick with client Frank with his big Tom.

A big tom in a tree.

Mike from New Mexico with guides Dick and Cam and Mike’s beautiful Mtn Lion.