2005 Rifle Elk/Mule Deer

2005 Hunting Report

Dusty from Texas and guide Cam and Dusty's nice 6 x 6 bull taken the first morning of 3rd Season.

Mike and Scott from TX with guide Cam and their 3rd season Elk taken the second morning

Steve from California and guide Jake and this monster 7 x 7 taken on our new trophy area.  This was Steve's 3rd successful season hunting with us.

Ben Dodge and guide Fred. This big 6 x 6 was also taken on our new trophy area.

Wayne from NY and guide Bones with Wayne's first Elk.  Congratulations Wayne!

Larry from Illinois and guide Jake with Larry's Big  27 inch 7 x 7 

Our non-guided hunter Eric from Missouri and his beautiful 5 x 5 Mule deer

Jack from California and his first mule deer buck.  Jack was guided by guide Dick shown below with Jack's friend Geordy. 

Geordy from California with guide Dick and a beautiful 4  x 5 buck.

Steve from California was guided to this Mule deer on his combo Elk/Deer hunt by guide Cam.  Check out Steve's 7 x 7 bull Elk above.

Lavelle from Florida with his Mule deer on his first western hunt was guided by Cam 

Ron from Florida was also on his first guided hunt and took this Mule deer buck with guide Cam

Pete from Mississippi and his nice 5 x 5.  Pete was guided to this trophy by guide Jake.

On the 4th morning of their hunt Tom and Fred Sr both from Florida were guided by Cam and Jake to these two nice bulls within 30 minutes of each other.