Aug 15-18 First Week

Antelope season started off rough with huge rains the day before season, we knew it was going to be tough. To make matters worse, just as it started to dry out, we got hammered with another huge rain storm. Out of our 10 guided hunters all saw antelope bucks, but only 4 of the ten had shot opportunities within 25 yards. Two guys missed, one passed a small buck twice and Jason from Illinois harvested a nice goat.  There are a ton of bucks running around but unfortunately there is water everywhere.

Aug 20-23 Second Week

Amazingly enough we had even more rain on the 19th making conditions even worse. Due to flooded pastures we had to resort to trying some spot and stalk hunting. A few guys came close and a few guys decided to stick it out in the blinds despite the flooded conditions. Out of 8 hunters  one passed a legal but small buck and 2 others had tough shots on stalked antelope leaving with only 3 out of 8 even having opportunities. It has been our worse antelope season yet.  The up side is that every hunter saw 20-50 bucks and were all very understanding about the poor weather conditions.  Things are starting to slowly dry up and we are hoping things pick up.

Aug 25-28 Third Week

It still continues to rain making travel through the pastures from tough to impossible. Flooded pastures continue to make antelope hunting extremely tough. Despite the bad conditions our seven antelope hunters didn’t get skunked. 3 guys from Texas managed to go 3 for 3 on shots with Mike harvesting a beautiful buck.  Daryl from Michigan harvested a nice buck with his recurve. Our other three antelope hunters were not so lucky and only 1 was able to harvest a buck. One of the guys was skunked with nothing even coming close and the other hunter had some close but no shots. After six long days in wet conditions our own Michele Eichler managed to shoot with her recurve the only buck to come into the water.

 Last Group of Antelope Hunters

Out of our last 4 hunters one couple from Kansas stayed in the same blind hunting together and managed to get a shot but no cigar. Dennis from NJ harvested his first Antelope Buck on the first day of his hunt and Tom from PA had another rough hunt but did manage to get a shot at nice buck. Wet weather continues to plague us with some blinds still under water, but we ended on three out of four with shots and one buck harvested.  Our own Fred Eichler after 10 tough days of hunting managed to harvest a nice lope as well.

Non-guided Antelope Hunters

We had six non-guided hunters this season. Where we supply blinds already set up on private land. The wet weather plagued them as well. Out of six hunters one left after two days of rain and one hunter, Kevin from GA managed to harvest a buck. The others stuck out the rough conditions but didn’t have any opportunities.

Many of the blinds that were set 2 months before the season are now under water due to the major rains that have been plaguing us this year.

Jason from Illinois with his first week buck.

Mike from Texas and his beautiful second day buck.

Daryl from Michigan and his beautiful 1st day buck

Dennis from PA and his first Antelope harvested on the first day of his hunt.

Fred and Michele with Michele’s first Antelope with a recurve

Fred and his Antelope that it took 10 long days to harvest in the wet conditions.