Our own Fred started off the season with a beautiful 4 x 4 Mulie in Velvet.  Guide Cam drew an archery tag in one of our trophy areas and harvested a beautiful 180 class 6 x 7. Dave Holt, technical editor of Bowhunter Magazine harvested a beautiful Pope and Young mule deer. He saw numerous trophy bucks before making a perfect shot on this buck.  Our other hunter, Chuck from California, saw 8 different P & Y class animals. He passed several small bucks and had one close call on a 190″ monster.

Dave Holt and Fred Eichler with Dave’s beautiful 160 Class Pope and Young Mule Deer taken during the rut.

Guide Cam drew a tag on one of our trophy deer areas and harvested this beautiful 6 x 7 Buck with his recurve.

Our own Fred and his beautiful early season Velvet buck.