1st Week

Our first 4 elk hunters did incredible when it came to number of elk seen. Combined they saw over 40 bulls. Lots of close calls and one hunter passed up a 5 x 5 at 35 yards in an attempt to harvest a larger 6 x 6 that was behind him.  Unfortunately it never panned out. Even though all hunters saw bulls no shots were fired. Our own Fred Eichler after 5 days managed to shoot a nice 300+ bull on video.

2nd Week

Again this week all 3 of our hunters saw multiple bulls with a couple of really close calls. All three had a great time and are anxious to come back and try again.

3rd Week

We had 4 hunters this week and the first 20 minutes of the first day Steve from Utah harvested a beautiful bull that guide Jake called in for him. The last day of the hunt Diane from PA shot a beautiful 6 x 6 bull with her recurve that guide Dick called in to 11 yards for her.  Our other two hunters  saw bulls in the 300 + class and Jeff from Utah passed on a cow elk that guide Jake called into 8 yards. Lots of close calls and lots of bulls seen by everyone.

4th Week

This week we had 6 hunters and had an awesome week although the elk all made it back to their beds. We had 5 shots missed and 2 hunters passed on small bulls (4×4 and 5×5) All hunters saw great elk and the guides had a blast working the rutting elk.

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Diane from PA and her 6 x 6 bull she harvested with her recurve.

Steve from Utah with his beautiful bull that guide Jake called in for him the first morning of his hunt.

Our own Fred Eichler and his 300+ class bull taken on video

Fred with his Eastern Plains Elk and guide Jake who captured it all on video. Packing it out was a family affair with apprentice guides Seth (left) Jeb and Trent.

Seth carrying out the rack.