1st week Nebraska turkey hunting started out with unseasonable snowy conditions.  In spite of that we were 100% on shots and 4 out of the 5 hunters harvested turkeys. Our second week both our hunters  harvested beautiful Nebraska birds. Third week was also great with both our hunters harvesting 2 birds each.  4th week both our hunters had numerous close shots on birds with one of them harvesting a nice tom.  Another amazing Nebraska turkey season for Fulldraw Outfitters with 100% shooting opportunities on numerous birds and 9 out of 11 hunters taking home archery harvested turkeys.

Colorado- our opening weekend shot gun hunters all had a blast. All three went home with beautiful Merriams turkeys. Next our Easter weekend hunters consisted of 3 shotgun hunters, one of which harvested a huge Merriams tom on his first morning and the other two  harvested nice birds on the  second day of their hunt and 3  bowhunters, all of which had close shots on birds with their bows, two of them took revenge by harvesting birds with shotguns on the last day. This weeks group consisted of 4 hunters from Texas,  All four took nice birds, two harvested their birds on the first morning and the last two harvested their birds on the second day.

Cam guided our last two turkey hunters Dan and Woody on the last 3 days of the season.  Both hunters took home beautiful Merriams gobblers.  This brought our Colorado total to 14 birds harvested and 100% shooting opportunities of all our hunters.