2nd Season:  This week we have 5 Deer hunter and 1 Combo Elk/Deer hunter.  Everyone so far has had shot opportunities.   So far 4 of our deer hunters have harvested animals with the last hunter passing on several nice bucks.

3rd Season:  This week we had 3 combo deer/elk hunters. Scott and Ralph both from Texas took nice Mule Deer bucks during their hunt.

Scott from Texas with Cam Keeler and Scott’s last day Mule deer buck.  Check out the unusual point on his left G-2 making him a 5 x 6.  Scott also shot a beautiful bull elk on the first day of his hunt.

Ralph from Texas with guide Cam and Ralph’s Mule deer buck taken on the first evening of his hunt.

Riley from Florida and his Mule deer buck taken on the first day of his hunt. .

John from Rocky Boot Co. and guide Fred with John’s beautiful 4 x 4 mule deer.

Jim from Colorado with his Mule Deer Buck and Guide Fred

Cam guided this youngster from Colorado Springs to his first Mule Deer Buck.

Guide Fred with Paul from Florida and his Blizzard Buck.

John from California and his buck taken on the 3 day of his hunt.

Steve from California with his beautiful buck, Steve also shot an elk on his first day and was guided by Jake on this nice 4 x 4.. This is his 4th year  hunting with us.