1st Season:  Continuing our 100% success rate from our trophy season. We went 100% for 1st season rifle elk as well. We went 4 for 4 in the first two days of the hunt. The bulls were everywhere and still bugling.

2nd Season:  This week we have 9 Elk hunters,  1 Combo Elk/Deer hunter.  8 of the 9 hunter  have either killed elk or have had shot opportunities with  three 300 class bulls  taken, also, one  6 x 3, a 5 x 3 and a spike. We also had three missed shots.    We will be posting more photos this week.

3rd Season:  This week we had 11 Elk hunters (3 of them also had deer tags) Three of our hunters scored on nice bulls while the others had many close calls this week, with 1 hunter passing on 2 different bulls.  The weather turned hot the last 3 days pushing the elk in earlier in the morning and had them coming out just at dark, making the last three days a little tougher.

4th Season: Out of 5 hunters, one guy had bad luck and was our first client to not get into elk. 2 other clients saw numerous elk and had some close calls and 2 hunters shot on opening day with one of them harvesting a nice 5 x 5 and the other missing a nice bull.  So 4th season we were 2 out of 5 despite warm weather prevailing.

Tom from Florida and guide Cam with Tom’s 4th Season Bull

Scott Rieckhoff and guide Fred with Scott’s great bull.  Scott also harvested a Mule deer buck on the last day of his hunt.

Danny from Texas and his 5 x 5 bull also taken on the first evening of his hunt.

Johnnie from Texas and his beautiful 5 x 5 taken on the first evening hunt.

Andrew from Florida and his first bull elk taken on the first day of his hunt.

Joe from Mississippi on his first elk hunt was guided to this 320″ bull by guide Bones.

John from California and his 300 class bull.

Bill from California on his first elk hunt ever took this great 300 class bull with Guide Cam.

Mary from California was on her very first elk hunt took this nice bull  making a perfect heart shot. The bull was called into range by Guide Dick.

Bobby from TN and guides Dick and Jake with Bobby’s beautiful first evening Bull.

Glen from TN and guide Jake with his bull taken the first morning of his hunt.

Pete from Mississippi with guide Cam and his bull also taken on the first morning of his hunt.

Rick from Mn with guide Fred and his 300 class bull. Rick passed up 6 bulls to shoot this beautiful trophy.