Our trophy hunts started off with a bang.  With our first two clients both harvesting 300 class bulls in the first two days of their hunt. Father and Son, Kim and Justin from Oregon both went home with beautiful bulls.

Our second two hunters also both harvested beautiful 6 x 6 bulls.  19 year old Tate from Texas with his dad watching harvested his first elk ever with guide Cam on the first day of his hunt.  John also from Texas harvested his largest bull ever with guide Jake on the second day of his hunt. John had a close call on day 1 with a 360 class bull at 24 yards. This is the 4th year in a row we have been 100% on our trophy rifle elk hunts.

Kim from Oregon with his 2nd day bull.

Justin from Oregon and his guide Dick with Justin’s bull  that he harvested the first morning of his hunt.

19 year old Tate from TX and his first bull elk ever.

John from TX and guide Jake with John’s largest bull taken so far.