Well this will go down as our worst Mt Lion season ever.  It was feast or famine with the snow making it nearly impossible to run the 200,000 acres of private ranches we lease. The month of March offered no snow.  Hopefully next year the weather will cooperate.  There are lots of mt lions on the mesa, so next year should be a good one.

 Too much snow has been the story for the last couple of month.   Be careful what you wish for, well we got it!  4 foot on the ground.  It is just now getting better where we can cover the 200,000 acres of ground we have.

 Our first two lion hunters both got to experience an exciting hunt. Ted from Michigan had a close call with a beautiful tom that our dogs treed. Our second hunter Dave from Indiana was on the trail with Fred when we ran out of light and had to pull the dogs off a big tom track. We are waiting for more snow and should have some good stories soon.