1st Season Rifle Elk was incredible. We were 100%  on shots at elk.  We had 6 hunters in camp and we went six for six on shots at bulls and 5 out of six on kills.  Three of the hunters also had bear tags and we went 2 out of 3 on bears with the 3rd hunter passing a bear on the first day of his hunt.

2nd Season:  This season was awesome.  We were 100% on shot opportunities again this week on bulls .   10 of our 12 hunters harvested bulls with two others having missed shots.  5 out of 7 of our hunters with deer tags have taken nice mule deer with one hunter passing on some nice bucks and our hunter with a bear tag took a huge bear.  The game warden said it was one of the largest bears he had ever seen taken by a hunter.  The bear weighed 380 lbs dressed and was estimated to be 450-470 live weight.   One of our clients, also harvested the largest elk we have ever taken.  A beautiful 7 x 8 that we rough scored at 360″. Also our youngest hunter 12 year old Chase from Florida harvested a beautiful 5 x 6 his first time out with a muzzleloader at 40 yards.

3rd Season:  This season we had 11 hunters, 1 deer only hunter and 10 elk hunters.  Our deer hunter shot a nice buck on the first morning of his hunt.  Our Elk hunters also did great.  6 out of 10 shot nice bulls, with 3 of the other hunters passing on smaller bulls and 1 hunter had to leave early due to business and did not harvest an elk.  All in all another great week at Fulldraw!

4th Season proved to be a tough hunt this year.  We had three clients and all saw lots of elk, however legal bulls did not present shots.

Scott from Texas with guide Cam has hunted with us for 9 years.  Scott doubled on an elk and a nice mule deer buck during 3rd season.

Martin from TX took this 5 x 5 with guide Lee

Clay (left) with guide Lee and Clay’s bull taken during 3rd season


Jon from Colorado with his 325″ bull.  Jon was guided by Cam

Malcom from TX was guided by Lee on this beautiful 7 x7 bull taken during 2nd season

Wayne from NY took this beautiful 5 x 5 on the first day of his hunt.

Andy from NY and his 2nd rifle season elk

12 year old Chase from Florida was guided by Fred and took his first elk, a beautiful 5 x 6 at 40 yards with a muzzleloader

Greg from Texas was guided by Lee on his first elk hunt. He took this bull on the 4th day of his hunt.

Danny from PA took this nice 5 x 5 with guide Dick.  Danny also took a beautiful 5 x 5 mulie on his hunt.

Guide Lee guided Scott on this beautiful bull.  Scott also took a nice mule deer buck on the 5th day of his hunt.

Mike from PA with guide Jake (right).  Mike took this beautiful 5 x 6 bull then the next day shot the largest bear ever taken at Fulldraw.  This bruin weighed 380lbs dressed.  Estimated live weight was 450-470 lbs


Fred-and-Barry elk

Barry with guide Fred shot the largest bull ever taken at Fulldraw.  This 7 x 8 rough scored at 360″

Jimmy-and-Dick-for-web elk


Guide Dick and Jimmy from Mississippi and Jimmy’s bull.  Jimmy also took a nice cinnamon bear on his hunt

Ricky from Mississippi and his 6 x 6 bull

Guide Lee with Client Jack’s 1st rifle season bull.

Joe Parker for web

Client Joe from Mississippi returned this year and shot another beautiful 300 class bull during 1st rifle elk season.

Guide Cam with Pete from Mississippi.  This is Pete’s 3rd year in a row hunting with us and at age 77 he is 3 for 3 on elk. Pete has already told us he is returning next year to try for number 4.

Gary from Texas with guide Lee and Gary’s Muzzleloader Bull that Lee called into 40 yards

Karsten and his 6 x 6 bull that guide Lee called into  30 yards

Scott from California with guide Fred and his 5 x 5 bull

Wright from Georgia passed up 8 bulls and multiple cows before shooting this beautiful 320 Class 6 x 6 from a treestand.  Guides Jake and Cam helped get the bull out.

Our own Fred Eichler harvested this monster 305″ bull on video with his recurve at 10 yards.

Our own Michele Eichler and her cow elk shot on video for Muzzy’s new TV show airing next year.

Allyn from Alaska with his 6 x 5 bull and Guide Dick.  Allyn made a great 4 hour stalk on this bull in his bed and shot him at 20 yards.