All in all it was an amazing spring season here in Colorado. As in Nebraska we were 100% on shot opportunities. We had 15 clients and all of them  had close shots on birds with 11 clients connecting.  This finished up our turkey season with 26 birds harvested by our clients.


Nebraska hunts are done and we were 100% on shot opportunities with all but 2 hunters harvesting turkeys with their bows. With a total of 15 birds harvested and several missed.

Our last group of hunters finished up today along with our own Fred and Michele Eichler. Making our 2007 Nebraska hunts a great success. With six hunters this week 5 hunters harvested 7 birds (two of our hunters chose to harvest a second bird) with the last hunter missing. All in all a great spring season.

Our 2nd group of 5 hunters all had a blast. They were not able to hunt the first morning due to high winds, rain and flooding. However, with the high number of birds in the area  4 of them harvested nice birds with their bows and the 5th hunter missed on several opportunities.

Nebraska archery turkey has been awesome so far with hundreds of birds being seen every day.  Our first group of 4 hunters from New York all shot mature toms with there bows.


Scott and Leo from Texas with Guide Cam and their Colorado Gobblers

Guide Fred with Scott from Texas and his 1st day Merriams taken with his bow

Scott’s wife Scharla and her first turkey was guided by Fred

Rick from Colorado and his gorgeous Merriams gobbler taken with his long bow.  Rick was guided by Cam

Cam also guided Matt from Texas for this beautiful bird

Karen Howell took her first turkey with a bow here in Colorado.  Fred guided her to this bird on her first morning hunt

Eric with his Longbow Gobbler with Guide Cam and Eric’s buddy Tim

Alberto shot this beautiful bird the first morning of his hunt.  Guided by Fred with an assist from Trent

Our own Fred Eichler shot this beautiful Colorado Merriams for Easton Bowhunting TV

Travis with guides Dick and Cam and his two nice Nebraska birds taken less than 3 minutes apart

Tim and guide Cam and his Nebraska Gobbler

Ted from Michigan with guides Cam and Dick and the two nice gobblers he took with his longbow.

Returning hunter Rod and guides Cam and Dick and his Nebraska gobbler


Another one of our regular Nebraska Hunters, Kent and guide Dick and Kent’s two beautiful gobblers taken with traditional equipment

Kyle with guide Dick and his Nebraska Gobbler

Dan took a Colorado bird with us last year and here he is with guides Dick and

Cam and his beautiful Nebraska bird taken with his bow.

Ben from NY and his 1st day Nebraska Gobbler

Eric and Doug from NY with Guide Nick and  their two Gobblers taken on the 3rd day of the hunt.

Jim from NY and his beautiful Tom taken on the 1st day of his hunt.


Our own Fred and Michele Eichler with Michele’s Nebraska Tom. Fred and Michele teamed up with blinds just 75 yards away, each taking Gobblers on video.