1st week we got hit with rain everyday and tornado warnings.  Our clients only spent half the hunt in blinds and that was spent dodging rainstorms.  Out of 6 Guided clients only 2 got long shots that didn’t connect on spot and stalk and out of 4 non-guided 1 killed a buck on a spot and stalk hunt.  All in all a very rough week.

2nd week has been slamming!! It heated up and the rain stopped. We had 100% opportunity on nice bucks and out of 7 hunters, we had 6 Pope and Young bucks killed in just 3 days and the last client had an opportunity at a nice buck inside 25 yards but shot low and missed.  A complete turn around from the rain soaked 1st week.  Weather made all the difference.

3rd Week.  Out of 7 guided clients, 3 shot beautiful Pope and Young Bucks and 3 other clients had shots from 15-30 yards at book bucks but missed. One client saw lots of bucks but did not get a shot opportunity.  We are still seeing lots of great bucks and so far the weather is holding.

4th Week.  This week we have 5 hunters in.  Rain and wind have been a problem but 3 hunters had shots at Pope and Young bucks but failed to harvest.

5th Week.  We have no clients in this week, however, Our 13 year old son harvested his first antelope with his bow and to top it off Grandma Musacchia got her first animal ever with her bow, a beautiful Pope and Young Buck.    Even Dad Fred got in on the action and decoyed in a P & Y buck and mom Michele shot her P & Y buck on her first day of hunting.

6th Week.  A great ending week,  our  two non-guided hunters both shot beautiful bucks and our Guided hunter shot a great buck on the last day of his hunt.  With two of our groups getting hammered with rain, all in all this was a great Antelope year for Fulldraw with  16 Antelope bucks shot and 14 of them making Pope and Young!

Dale and Jake 2008

Dale from Kentucky with Guide Jake (right) and Dales first ever Antelope taken on the first day of his hunt.

Longtime client Scott from TX (right) with guide Jake (left) and Scott’s first day Antelope Buck.

Larry from Illinois (right) with Guide Fred (center) and apprentice guide Trent and Larry’s Buck taken during Rifle Antelope season on his first day.

Bryce from Texas shot this great Pope & Young Buck with his recurve on the last day of his hunt.   A great ending to a great season.

Bill from Colorado and his first antelope a Beautiful buck taken with a self bow and wood arrows he made himself.  Congratulations Bill.

Rex from New Mexico and a beautiful Pope and Young buck he arrowed on the second day of his hunt.

Our own Fred Eichler lured in this trophy buck with a decoy.

Taking her first animal ever with a bow, Grandma Musacchia (Michele’s Mom) harvested this beautiful Pope and Young buck on Sept 11th.

Our 13 year old son Jeb and his first Antelope with his bow. Mom and Dad  of course are very proud.

Adam from Maryland and a beautiful book buck taken the last day of his hunt.

Marco from Colorado and Guide Dick (right) with Marcos beautiful 1st day Pope and Young Buck.

Scott from Pennsylvania with guide Fred Sr (left) and Scott’s Book Buck

Augustin Ravelo from Mexico and his spot and stalk buck.  Torrential rains and hail made first week nearly impossible. Augustin did a great job getting this buck under the circumstances.  Notice the mud and puddles in the background

Kathy from Idaho and her first archery kill.  A beautiful P & Y Antelope.  Congratulations Kathy! Picture on the right shows guide Dick, Kathy, Kathy’s husband Bud ( who sat with her in the blind) and guide Lee

On the second day, After mom Kathy killed her buck, son Justin shot this awesome buck. Proud dad Bud was there to see it all.

Jim from NY and his first Antelope he shot on the first day of his hunt.  Congratulations Jim on a beautiful Pope and Young Buck!

Martin Teeter who is a cameraman for Muzzy Bad To The Bone TV, shot this Pope and Young Buck on the first day of his hunt.

Our own Michele Eichler and her Pope and Young Buck.

Nick from NJ with guide Dick (right) and his Pope and Young buck killed on the second day.