Cow Elk

Cow Elk season went real well with Rich from California harvesting his first elk ever.  Our other 3 hunters saw lots of elk but did not have any shot opportunities.   Fred and his good friend Blye both harvested nice cows the last week of the season.

Rifle Bull Elk

1st Season went great, although historically we have run 100% on this hunt, this year 6 out of 9 hunters killed bulls and   1 bull was missed and one 5 x 5 passed up. Some great bulls were taken.   All our hunters saw bulls, we just weren’t able to close the gap for 3 of the hunters.

2nd Season:  Out of 9 elk hunters so far 8 have harvested bulls and we had 1 big bull missed twice and 2 other clients missed shots at different bulls. Our last hunter Frank from Texas shot a awesome 340″ bull on the second day of his hunt. With all our hunters done, our oldest son Jeb guided by Luke harvested a beautiful 6 x 6 bull on our ranch the last Friday of second season.

3rd Season:  This week we have 11 hunters in.  With unseasonably warm weather and temperatures averaging 75 degrees during the day so far we have harvested 4 bulls, had one 5 x 5 passed up.  We still have 2  days to go and are hoping for some more success.

4th Season: We had one rifle elk hunter 4th season.  Tom from Florida shot a bull on the 3rd day of his hunt with guide Lee.

Rich from California and Guide Fred with Rich’s first elk ever.  Congratulations Rich!

Blye from Colorado and his December Cow

Our own Fred Eichler and a cow he shot the week of Christmas

Guide Lee (right) with Tom from Florida and his 4th Season Bull.  Tom returns every year and takes some great steaks back to Florida

Will from Florida and Guide Dick (left) and Wills first ever elk.

Josh from Louisiana and his non-typical bull taken the first day of 3rd season.

Brent from TX and guide Cam with Brent’s 3rd Season Bull

Justin from OR and Guide Cam (left)  and Justin’s trophy bull taken during 1st season.

Brent from Texas and his first bull, a beautiful 6 x 6.  Brent was guided during 3rd season by Bones

Wyatt from Texas and his 320 bull was guided by Bones during 3rd Season.

Mary Kay from California and her beautiful bull taken with guides Lee and Mark

Vic from Pennsylvania and guide Mark (right) with Vic’s beautiful bull

Darrell and his 2nd season bull.  Darrell’s dad Russell also shot a bull on this hunt.

Our last second season hunter Frank from Texas and his monster 340″ bull.  Frank was guided by Luke.  Second photo shows Frank (left) with friend Malcolm who shot his bull on the first day of his hunt (see below) , Guide Lee and guide Luke

Guide Fred Sr and client Malcolm with a nice 6 x 6 shot the first day of Malcolms hunt.

Our 13 year old son with Guide Luke and his first elk taken on our ranch.

Pete (right) with guide Luke and his 1st season bull.  This is Pete’s 4th year with us and he is 4 for 4 with Fulldraw so far.

Russell  guided by Lee shot this beautiful bull during his 1st season hunt.

Ron (right) was guided by Fred Sr and took this beautiful bull the first morning of his hunt.

Don from Mississippi and his beautiful 2nd season bull.

Jim from Mississippi and his first ever Elk.  Jim was guided by Guide Bones AKA Pink Shorts 🙂

John Ward from Mississippi and his first ever elk, taken on the first morning of his hunt with Guide Fred Eichler Sr.

Long time client Steve Brimm does it again.  Steve shot this beautiful bull on the 3rd day of his hunted with guide Jake. Steve also shot a nice mule deer on the last day of his hunt.



Our non-guided hunters, Andrew and Paul from Florida and the beautiful 300 Class bull they took on their 3rd day.

The Sund Family from South Dakota,  Dad Paul (left) Drew (center) and Lloyd (right) and the bull Drew shot on the last day of his hunt.