First week of Archery Antelope was awesome out of 7 hunters we  harvested 5 Pope and Young Bucks  and 2 hunters  missed multiple shots at trophy bucks. Our own Fred Eichler also harvested a nice Pope and Young buck bringing our total to 6 Pope and Young bucks in the first 2 days of season!!  The weather looks great and we are looking forward to skinning some more antelope.   All in all 100% opportunity on trophy bucks made for a great 1st week.

Second week was awesome also.  We have 7 hunters in and we harvested 3 Pope and Young bucks the first day with one hunter missing on a nice buck.  2nd day we had 2 more Pope and Young bucks taken and another miss under 25 yards. Day Three we had another miss at 20 yards and on Day 4 we had another smaller buck taken.  Making week 2 100% on multiple shot opportunities, 5 Pope and Young bucks taken, 1 Smaller buck and our last hunter missed at 20 yards and passed on a small buck.

Our 3rd week of Antelope hunting was rough.  It rained almost everday, out of six hunters we took one Pope and Young Antelope.  Two other hunters had bucks in range but it just didn’t happen. Our only non-guided client, harvested a Pope and Young buck on his second day.  So only two Pope and Young bucks during this 4 days of hunting.  Making our total for the season so far, 14 bucks taken, 13 of which make Pope and Young!!

4th week we have 5 clients and even though it rained the first 3 days there were light rain showers.   We harvested 3 bucks, one of which makes Pope and Young, we had one missed at 35 yards and 1 small buck was passed.  So now we have taken 17 bucks total 14 of which make Pope and Young.

Jon from Colorado was guide by Fred and Jake to this beautiful Muzzleloader Antelope buck.

Bryan from Florida and took this Monster 86″ buck during the second day of his hunt.

Dale from KY (right) was guided by Fred and harvested this mature doe the first day of his hunt.

Wife and Husband Kerri and Blye from Colorado and their beautiful Bucks taken on the 1st day of their hunt.

Tim from Iowa his trophy buck taken with his bow.

Dave from Michigan took his very first animal with a bow on this spot and stalk buck.

Roger from Texas  (left) and his day 1 Buck with Guide Lee

Stuart from New Hampshire and his trophy buck taken the first day of his hunt

Mark from Ohio took this great buck the first morning of his hunt.

Dan from New Hampshire (left) with guide Hunter  and his first Antelope Buck

Carl from New Hampshire (left) and guide Hunter and his beautiful Buck taken on his 2nd day.

Worth from Texas and his 2nd Day Buck.

Rob from TX and his day three Trophy Buck.                                Rob and guide Fred

This coyote came in just prior to Rob shooting his buck                    Super guide Trent shows Dad how to cape.


Guide Fred and Tom from Florida and Tom’s buck taken with his Palmer Recurve on the first day of his hunt.

Tim from California (second from left)  and his 80″ buck along with Tom and his buck and the Fulldraw Crew, Lee, Fred and Hunter

Nate from California and his beautiful buck taken on opening day.

Mike Palmer from Colorado and Trophy buck taken on the first day.

Our own Fred Eichler and his Pope and Young buck taken the 2nd morning of his hunt.  Watch for this hunt on Easton Bowhunting TV.