This year we had 4 muzzleloader hunters. On the second day one passed on a 120 yard shot and 1 hunter shot a monster 7 x 6 that green scores 354″ and another hunter tagged on a nice 6 x 6 bull.  The rest of the week was one of the roughest as far as misses as far back as we can remember.  One of our remaining Muzzleloader hunters  missed a nice 6 x 6  at approximately 100 yards.  Our other muzzleloader hunter missed a monster 370 class bull at approximately 80 yards. Although we were 100% on opportunities, this is the first time we have not had 100% harvest on Muzzleloader Elk.



Blye from Colorado and Guide Fred with Blye’s awesome 12 x 11 Mule deer. The buck gross scored 180″.

Tom from Colorado and his beautiful buck taken on the 4th day of his hunt. This buck gross scored 173″

Our own Fred Eichler and his Colorado Whitetail taken on our Whitetail river bottom property. This buck gross scored 140 as an 8 pt.

Ted from Ohio and his archery Mule deer Ted and his brother Dan both shot bucks on the same day guided by Jake

Dan from Ohio returned after 2 years and shot his archery buck on the same day as his brother Ted both were guided by Jake

Bill from Oklahoma took his rifle buck on the last day.  Bill saw several bucks during his 5 day hunt.

Sam from Colorado and his late season cow taken on the first evening of his hunt.

Fred and son Jeb, doubled on these cows for the winter freezer on the ranch.

Dave from Michigan (left) with Guide Luke and Daves first evening cow

The Witt Family from Georgia, Grandfather, Son and Grandson, had a great day with all three filling their tags the same morning.

Terry from MN and his first day Cow Elk his wife Charlotte also shot a cow that morning

Jerry from MN and his first day cow.

Charlotte from MN shot her cow the same afternoon as her husband  Terry

Carl from Colorado and the cow he shot his third morning.

Todd from Iowa (right) and his 4th season 1st day bull.  His buddy Nick (left) passed on 3 legal bulls during his hunt including a nice 5 x 6.

Matt from Texas and his 2nd day bull taken during 3rd season.

Larry from Illinois and his bull taken on the first day of his hunt.

Russell and guide Luke (left) with his bull

Darrell and guide Luke (Right) and Darrell’s Bull

Buddy from Texas and his first day bull

Bob from Texas and his first morning bull

Steve from California doubled during second season with this nice Mule deer and an elk.

Frank and his beautiful buck taken the 3rd day of his hunt This buck grossed in the high 170’s.

Barry and his buck taken during 2nd season.  Another 170 class Mule deer buck.

Steve from California and his 2nd Season Bull

Pete from TX makes this his 6th bull in a row with us, Pete was guided by Jake (right)

Eric and his trophy bull he took on the last day of his hunt

Bryan and his 6 x 6 bull taken during 1st season, Bryan also shot the monster 86″ Pronghorn Buck the week before with us.

Blye from Colorado and his beautiful 6 x 6 Muzzleloader Elk

Jerry from MN (right) was guided by Jake on this beautiful 7 x 6 bull taken on the 4th day of his hunt.

Our own Michele Eichler and her 6 x 6 bull taken on the last morning of the season. Future guides Jeb, Seth and Trent help get it home.

Marv from Minnesota and his monster bull shot with his muzzleoader on the first day.

Archery Elk 2009

Our own Fred Eichler and his nice bull shot on video for Easton Bowhunting TV

Son Ryan and Dad Bill  from Kansas had a once in a lifetime opening morning.  Ryan’s bull and Bill’s Cow elk fell just 30 yards apart.