We had one early season archery deer hunter.   Mike  from Colorado shot a big 176 inch Mule deer in Velvet.

Late season Archery Deer.

WHITETAIL:  We  had 3 Archery Whitetail hunters this year. One shot a nice 10 point today after passing on 3 bucks at less than 20 yards, including a a 5 x 5 130 inch buck at 7 yards. The other passed some Pope and Young bucks in the 125-135 range in hopes of connecting with one of the monsters we have on the riverbottom.  And our own Jake Kraus shot a nice 8 pt whitetail for Easton Bowhunting TV.

MULE DEER:   We had 4 Archery Mule Deer Hunters and ALL harvested nice bucks.  All were Traditional bowhunters using either longbows or recurves. Our own Fred Eichler shot a beautiful 170 inch Mule Deer on the ground at 8 yards on video.  Look for this show on Easton Bowhunting TV on the Sportsman’s Channel beginning in January 2011.  Check out the cool photo from the footage!!

Johnny from Indiana shot his first Mule deer with his Longbow, his Dad Dale also scored on a nice buck see below

Dale from Indiana and his Mule deer shot with his Longbow

Lee from Colorado and his beautiful Mule deer buck shot with his recurve

Fred and cameraman Jake with JAKE’S  Whitetail shot for Easton Bowhunting TV

Husband and Wife Jack and Jean from Maine and their two rifle deer taken the first day of their hunt.

Our own Fred and his great 4 x 4 Mulie taken on the ground at 8 yards.  Check out the cool freeze frame from the video just after the shot.

This show will air next year on Easton Bowhunting TV on the Sportsman’s Channel

Bob from California and his nice 10 pt Whitetail taken during late archery season

Our own Fred spotted this big buck in it’s bed.  Guide Mark (center) and Barry from PA snuck in for the shot.

Tim from Indiana shot this buck after harvesting a beautiful 6 x 6 bull elk.  Guide Aaron did the spotting (left)

Our 12 year old son Seth with Guide Matt and Seth’s first deer taken the last day of 2nd season.

Phyllis from Oregon with guide Aaron and her first big game animal ever.  Congratulations!

Larry from Illinois (right) with good friend Ronnie  and a nice 4 x 4 buck Larry harvested.  Both of them shot cow elk on this hunt also.

Mike from Colorado with his big 176″ buck (center) with Fred Eichler (right) and Jeff Menegatti (left)