1st Rifle elk and bear season was awesome!!!   We had 6 clients in this week and 1 of them also had a bear tag.  All in all 6 elk hit the ground and one monster 387 lb field dressed Chocolate bear was harvested.

2nd Rifle Elk and Deer we had 7 hunters in for the first 5 days. 4 had elk tags so we were 100% on elk again.    In total they harvested 4 elk and 4 deer.  The only deer hunter that did not harvest an animal  passed on a nice  buck that was later harvested by Larry from Illinois.   The last 5 days of the 2nd season we had another 4 elk hunters and all 4 harvested nice bulls.  So we were 100% on elk for both of our 2nd season elk hunts.

3rd Rifle Season  We had 9 elk hunters and 1 deer hunter this season.  We harvested 2  6 x 6 bulls and 1 5 x 5 bull.  We had lots of other close calls and had 1 small 4 x 4 passed up at 120 yards and a nice 5 x 5  was also passed on. Our one Mule deer hunter shot a nice 4 x 4 on his last day.   After five days all but one hunter had a shot opportunity on a legal bull.

4th Rifle Season.  We had 3 hunters and one hunter harvested a bull while the other two scored on two nice cows.

Dale from Kentucky doubled on day two with this monster Chocolate black bear after taking a nice bull elk the same morning.  This bear after being field dressed weight 387 pounds!!

 Fred and his nice Colorado Bear.  Look for this hunt on Predator Nation coming up on the Sportsman’s Channel this fall.

Wright from Georgia and beautiful Black Bear taken the first day of his hunt.  Our own Fred and Trent helped guide.

Guide Jake (left) and Bill (right) from Kansas and his nice Black Bear taken at a waterhole.