Daniel from Florida took his first elk ever during 4th rifle season.  Dad and Grandpa were proud.

Good friend Tom from Florida and his 4th season rifle elk.  Tom was guided by Jake

Constant from France and his nice 5 x 5 taken with guide Luke

Riley from Florida with guide Constant and his cow taken 4th season.

Matt from Colorado with Guide Fred and his cow taken the 1st morning of his hunt

Ron from Indiana and his rifle cow.

Frank from TX and his “freak” bull taken during 2nd season

Mike from TX and his first elk ever taken during our 2nd season hunt.

Russell (left) got to watch his son Darrell take this nice 6 x 6 bull on the 3rd morning of their hunt. This is their 3rd annual trip to Fulldraw.

Russell from Michigan (left) with his son Darrell and Russell nice bull taken on their father and son hunt.

Eric and his nice bull taken the first morning of the hunt.

Tim  (left) not to be outdone by son Eric, shot this bull the second day of his hunt,  His son Eric, and Constant and Matt from Fulldraw all helped out.

Scott and his wife Abby with Scott’s nice bull taken during 1st season

Larry from Illinios (right) and guide Jake and Larry cow elk.  Larry also shot a nice buck on this trip

Scott and Matt on a father and son  hunt shot bulls the first morning.

Matt and his bull  Scott and his bull

Jim (left) hunted with his dad and guide Jake and took this bull the first evening of his hunt

Dale from KY  tripled at Fulldraw this year….. After taking a nice antelope during rifle antelope, Dale shot his first elk the second morning of his hunt and a monster Colorado black bear (also a first for him)  the same evening!