Florida Osceola Turkey

This year again we were 100% on Osceola Turkeys.   Our three clients all took mature birds as well as our own Fred Eichler who harvested two nice birds on video. Another great year in Florida!!

Colorado Merriams Turkey

This year has been a little tough with the weather but all but two clients filled their tags.  We had 12 clients here in Colorado and all but 2 tagged out on nice birds. Our last client had several opportunities but just couldn’t connect.

Fred and Philip Culpepper from Realtree. Fred guided Philip to a beautiful Merriams Gobbler by noon his first day of hunting.

Blye from Colorado (right) and Fred with Blye’s beautiful Merriams Gobbler

Doug from WV with his wife Nicole and Doug’s first Merriam’s Turkey

Kendall from Wyoming with his nice bird taken with his Longbow!

Rick from Colorado and guide Fred (left) and Rick’s Merriam’s gobbler taken with his recurve.

Long time client Rod from PA with guides Jake(left) and Fred (right) and his gobbler taken with his Traditional bow.

Nicole from West Virginia with guide Jake and her first Colorado Turkey

Tom from TX (left) with guide Jake and a beautiful Colorado River Bottom Gobbler

Scott and Matt Rieckhoff pulled a Father/Son Double on two beautiful Colorado Merriams Gobblers

Jeff from TN and his beautiful Gobbler taken on the first day of his hunt.

Troy from Kansas and Guide Fred  with Troy’s beautiful Osceola Gobbler

Longtime client Scott from TX took this nice bird with Guide Fred

Kent from WI and guide Al with Kent’s Osceola Turkey

Kent from WI, Guide Fred and Scott from TX


Our own Fred and the two nice Swamp Gobblers he harvested on video.