Our first 2 clients were both successful harvesting beautiful Toms.  Each had multiple shot opportunities on their hunt.

We have had 3 more clients and all 3 scored on nice birds.  2 Shot Toms on the 1st day of their hunt and the other shot a nice bird on the second day. Our own Jake Kraus shot a beautiful Merriams tom with Fred’s Buffalo recurve on his day off.

Our last 3 clients also scored on nice birds

Our own Michele and her fall Gobbler shot at a waterhole

Good friends Lee and Troy both scored on nice Colorado birds guided by Jake Kraus

Jake and his Gobbler taken with Fred’s Buffalo Recurve.

Our Texas Client and his nice Merriams Gobbler

Jake guided Jacob from Denmark on this beautiful Merriams Tom taken with his bow.

Joe from California (center) with Jake (left) and Fred (right) and Joe’s Osceola taken with his longbow

Dale and Ruth from KY are long time clients and harvested both their Florida birds on the same day.