Ended the elk season with a double with our oldest boys Jeb and Seth, Dad Fred guided with Assistant Guide Trent

We have 7 Cow Elk hunters coming in for the December Cow Elk Season.  Our First Cow Elk hunter shot his cow the afternoon he arrived and left just before we had a snow storm hit.  Unfortunately our 2nd cow elk hunter came the next day and deep snow and heavy snow made animal movement stop and he had to leave before his hunt ended.  Our Third Client shot a nice cow on his last evening. Our last four cow elk hunters all shot elk, one shot his on the first morning of the hunt and we had two missed shots and the last 3 all shot cows on the third morning. Making us 6 of 7 for the season, with the one hunter leaving a day early.

With all our clients done, Our two oldest boys guided by Dad Fred and assistant guide Trent shot a double.  Nana is here for Christmas so we got a wonderful picture (taken by mom Michele )

Our last 3 cow elk hunters the Hefte’s shot three cows on the morning of the 3rd day.  Lots of great elk meat going home.

Rich from California with guide Sean and his cow shot on the first morning of his hunt.

Longtime client Malcolm from Texas with guide Sean and Malcolms cow shot on the last evening of his hunt.

Joe from Colorado with guide Lane and his cow he shot the afternoon he arrived.

Darrel and Russell from Michigan made it 100% 4 years in a row and this time shot a double, both harvesting bulls at the same time to make it 8 bulls with Fulldraw in 4 years.

Brian from MS Shot this nice bull 3rd Season in the snow with Guide Sean

The only 4th Season Hunter Tom from Florida shot his bull on the first day of his hunt.

Wyatt from TX shot his bull during 2nd season.  Wyatt is a long time client and has shot numerous bulls with us at Fulldraw

Tate from TX and his Nice Bull Taken during 3rd Season.


Long time Client Jon from MS was guided by Jake on this beautiful 6 x 6 Bull

The Buckmaster Jackie Bushman was guided by Fred on this heavy racked old bull

Buckmasters Sweepstakes winner Gene from Montana harvested this 5 x 5  Bull on the first morning of his hunt with Guide Fred- Assistant Guide Seth and in Photo 2 with the Buckmaster Jackie Bushman

Aaron from North Dakota shot this nice 6 x 6 bull on the first morning of his hunt.  Aaron was guided by Jake Kraus

Don from Wisconsin and his beautiful 6 x 6 bull.  Don was guided by  guide Lane.


BJ from IN and his Archery Cow

Long time client Joel from New Jersey with Guide Luke,  Luke called this bull into 15 yards and Joel made a perfect shot with his recurve.

Our own Fred was hunting with wife, Michele, and  shot this nice bull for Easton Bowhunting TV.  Watch for this show in 2012.

Larry from Texas  guided by Jake shot this nice bull on the second day of his hunt. Jake called the bull into 8 yards.  His dad Larry Sr. also scored on the first day!

Larry Sr. from Texas, with guide Fred (right) who called this bull into 24 yards.