1st Rifle Season- We had 6 clients in this week.  We had a client pass on a 5 x 5 bull the first morning and we had 2  6 x 6 bulls missed.  One at 140 yards and one at 390 yards. We also had one nice 6 x 6 bull harvested. Unseasonable hot weather in the 80’s and a full moon made this our toughest 1st season elk hunt we’ve ever had. We were 50% on opportunities and only had one bull harvested.  We are hoping for the weather to cool off and a better second season.

2nd Rifle Season-  Was Awesome!! We had 8 Elk hunters but unfortunately one had to leave early for a business emergency.  The remaining 7 all harvested nice Bulls!  Our First two deer hunters went 2 for 2 on nice Bucks and our second group of deer hunters went 1 for 3 and all saw good bucks.   Our Oldest son Jeb also shot a nice buck.

3rd Rifle Season:  This week we had 9 hunters in camp and the weather was tough.  We still had 2 6 x6 Bulls killed and 1 6 x 6 bull missed.  We also had 2 bulls passed on.   We did take one nice Colorado Whitetail on our Ranch  during 3rd Season also.

4th Rifle Season.  We had one hunter this week for Elk and he shot a nice bull the First day of his hunt.