Week 1 we had 3 guided elk hunters in camp the first week and 3 non-guided elk hunters. Out of our 3 Non- guided we harvested 1 bull, had one bull missed and the third hunter did not have an opportunity. So we were 2 out of 3 on shot opportunities and 1 out of 3 on harvests for our non-guided hunters. On the guided hunters…All three saw bulls, 1 client had two misses on a nice bull, one client passed up two opportunities on cows under 20 yards and the third client did not have a shot opportunity.

Week 2 we had 3 guided elk  hunters in camp and all three saw bear, deer, turkey and elk. The great news is all three also shot nice bull elk.  Making week 2 an awesome week all around.

Week 3 we had 8 Elk hunters in camp with multiple tags for different species.  We had 1 Bull killed and a few other close calls on elk.  This group also killed one bear, one 4 x 4 mule deer and 2 Antelope. We had one bull missed, one bear missed and a few other misses on antelope and turkey.  All in all a fun week.

Week 4 We had four guided elk hunters and 2 non-guided hunters.  Our guided hunters all saw multiple bulls including a 12 yard encounter with a big 6 x 6.  Now elk were taken, but two cows were passed on hunter 25 yards.  One of the clients had a bear tag also and missed a bear at 22 yards.  Our 2 non- guided hunters had a close call on their first day.  One missed a bull under 25 yards and that same afternoon they were on a group with a nice herd bull.  Unfortunately, they did not close the deal.

Last week was filled with close calls.  Out of 6 guided elk hunters, we killed on elk, had on missed and all clients saw bulls.  Some real close calls.  Our bear hunting was slow and unfortunately our last bear hunter was not successful although one bear was seen

One Evening One Bow 3 Animals down on video Our two oldest boys had and unbelievable day


Jeb’s 7 x 7 Bull taken with his Hoyt Bow

Seth’s Cow Elk taken with Jeb’s Hoyt bow

Michele and her last afternoon Bull taken from a treestand at 35 yards


Longtime Client Charlie from California with Guide Fred and a nice cow Charlie harvested

Wright 2012

Wright from Georgia shot this non-typical bull.  We have this bull on our Stealth Cam from 3 weeks ago at one of our waterholes.

Andy from TX shot this bull with guide Luke, it was his first bull ever!!


Guide Luke called in this beautiful 6 x 6 bull for Daryl from PA.  This is his first elk ever and a great hunt.

Bob from Iowa shot this nice bull elk at a waterhole. This is Bob’s first ever elk.


Brian from Iowa took his first bull on the first day of his hunt.  Brian and his dad Bob were on our unguided drop camp hunt.

Guide Blye helped pack it out.  Bob also had a shot on a nice 5 x 5. So they had 100% shot opportunity and one

on the ground.