We had 3 bear hunters in camp first week and all three had shot opportunities and two connected on beautiful bear.

We also had a elk hunter from week 3 who harvested a nice bear on his hunt.

Week 4 we had 2 guided bear hunters and 2 non-guided bear hunters.  Our two guided bear hunters both shot great bears under 20 yards.  Wright from Georgia shot his with his bow and Jennifer from Florida got a monster 396 lb bear with a rifle.  Our two non guided hunters struck out, although they had fresh bear tracks going right through their camp.

Fred guided Jennifer from Florida on her first bear.  Hard to top this 397 lb boar!

Wright from Georgia arrowed this nice bear


Bill from Kansas and his beautiful black bear.  Team Fulldraw helped get the bear out.


Ryan from Kansas doubled up with his Dad Bill and he took home a nice cinnamon bear as well.  Ryan was guided by Fred


Greg from TX shot this nice bear when it came into a waterhole.  Greg was guided by Jake (right)