1st Season:  We had 7 hunters in camp this week.  Even with the unesasonably warm weather we had four hunters shoot bulls, one bull was missed at 100 yards, and there were multiple other close calls.

2nd Season / 1st week:  We had 4 hunters in camp this week and we harvested 4 bulls.  100%!!

2nd Season / 2nd week:  We had 4 hunters in camp this week, Jackie Bushman passed on a 5×5 bull at 100 yards.  A lady from PA and a client from KY both missed easy shots at bulls and we harvested on nice 6×5 bull.  At the end of the week we were 100% on shot opportunities and 75% on shots.

3rd Season:  We had 9 hunters in camp this week who hunted hard through unseasonably warm weather.  We were above 50% on shot opportunities with a nice 5×6 bull being harvested, three bulls being missed, and another being passed on.  Everyone saw elk through the course of their hunt and we also harested a nice 3×4 mule deer buck!!

Andrew from TX shot his first bull ever during the first hour his hunt with guide Cole.

Rex fron KY was the 2012 Buckmaster sweepstakes winner and successfully harvested his very first bull with guides Fred, Cole, and Weston.

Wayne from AR shot his first bull ever on the last morning of his hunt with guide Weston.

Pete from TX harvested his first bull ever with Guide Luke on the 5th morning of the hunt.

Tim from IN shot this bull on the 4th evening of his hunt with guide Luke.  Great shot Tim!!

John from TX shot this bull on the second morning of his hunt with guide Luke.

(From left to right)  Nathan, Larry, Vince, and Jim pose with their great bulls after an awesome week in camp.

Larry NortonLarry Norton  Luke

Larry from IL made an unbelievable shot this bull at first light on the 5th day of his hunt with guide Luke.

Vince Leasum Vince Leasum  Luke

Vince from WI shot his first bull with guide Luke on the 4th day of his hunt.  Awesome bull Vince!!

Nathan Simshauser

Nathan from KS with his excited dad Bill and his first bull on the ground.

Nathan Simshauser  Cole

Nathan with guide Cole listened while the bull bugled at Cole’s cow call before he stepped out as Nathan made a great shot.

Jim Weinman Jim Weinman  Don

Jim from WI was guided by Lane to this great bull on the first morning of his hunt.  His father Don with right there to share in all the excitement.