Turkey season has come and gone!

Week 1:  We had 6 hunters in our first group.  Opening morning we had snow! It was a great 3 day hunt and all six of our hunters saw numerous birds and 5 out of 6 took nice birds.

Week 2:  We had 3 hunters in our next group. One shot a beautiful  Merriams gobbler on the first morning of his hunt. The other  two hunters went 1 for 2 and numerous birds seen.

Week 3:  We had 4 hunters in our third group.  All four had shots and 3 took home some nice birds.

Week 4:  Our fourth group had a good hunt but no birds on the ground.  We had two hunters miss 3 birds , one at 12 yards, one at 22 yards and one at 25 yards and one hunter passed on some younger birds.  Our fourth hunter saw birds but nothing came into range.

Week 5:  Our fifth group of hunters tagged out by the second day.  The first hunter shot a great gobbler the first ten minutes of his hunt.  And on the second day our second hunter made a excellent shot on a mountain jake at 30 yards.

Week 6:  This past week we had two guys in camp.  Each saw multiple gobblers on each day of their hunt, and one of the hunters harvested a beautiful tom on the second day.

Season Stats:  Out of the 21 hunters we had in camp 13 birds were killed.  Another 6 had opportunities: out of those six, three hunters missed and two hunters passed on birds.  Only 2 hunters didn’t have an opportunity.

Opening Day of Spring Turkey 2012

Jesse from Alberta and his beautiful Merriams Gobbler

Bob from MN and a Great Opening Weekend Bird


Ben from Alberta with Guide Al and his bow killed bird.

Jay from NY and a Great Spring Gobbler

UBA Hunt Winner Jonathan from Utah and Guide Fred with a Great first morning bird.

Paul from MN (center) with guides Lane (left) and Sean (right) and Pauls opening week bird

Andy from California and his first bow kill!  He made a great shot on this beautiful Gobbler on the second day of his hunt. Guide Lane (center) and dad Bruce were there to help celebrate.

Dusty from TX and Guide Cole with Dusty’s beautiful Merriams Gobbler

Robbie with guide Cole and Robbie’s great Mountain bird taken on the last day of his hunt.

Long time client Scott from Texas with guide Fred and Scott’s last day Gobbler.

Steve from PA with his guide Sean shot this great Merriams gobbler during the first 10 minutes of his hunt.

Brad from PA with guide Lane shot this great looking jake on the 2nd day of his hunt.

Sean (far right) and Steve (middle) were there to help celebrate the great hunt.

Fred called this great tom  into 15 yards for Charlie from CA (left) who made an excellent shot.  Tom from NE (right) was there to help celebrate.