1st Group:  Despite rain showers that left standing water throughout much of the antelope country we were still 4 for 5 on shot opportunities for the week while also harvesting two great bucks.

2nd Group:  The standing water from last week still pestered the six hunters we had in camp this week, but we still were 50% on shot opportunities.

3rd Group:  We had 7 hunters in camp this week and went 4 for 7 on harvesting bucks; we were also 6 for 7 on bucks within 25 yards.

4th Group:  We had Lee and Tiffany Lakosky in camp this week and they went a perect 2 for 2 on antelope bucks.

Summary:  Ouf of 20 guided antelope hunters we harvested 8 great bucks.  Despite a very wet season which resulted in difficult hunting we were 40% on kills and 75% on shot opporunities.  We also were 50% on kills with our non guided antleope hunters.

Chris from Realtree Camo in Georgia made a great shot on the first antelope buck of the season with guide Fred.

Jack from Missouri shot his buck on the first day of his hunt with guide Tim.

Jim from New York shot this great buck on the first day of his hunt with guide Mark.

Will from Oklahoma made an amazing shot on this buck after spoting and stalking him with guide Weston.

Manuel from Spain shot his first antelope buck on the third day of his hunt.

Joe from CO shot this great antelope buck on the 2nd day of his hunt with guide Fred.

 Lee Lakosky shot this moster antlelope buck within the frist three hours of his hunt with guide Tim, this monster buck was 80 plus inches.

Tiffany Lakosky made a great spot and stalk on this Pope and Young contender with guide TIm.

Byron from AR shot the biggest antelope buck of the season on the last day of his non guided hunt from a tree stand.