1st Group:  We had two guided hunters in camp and 5 non guided hunters.  For our guided guys we were 100% on shot opportunities and 50% on kills.  We also had one 4×4 bull missed and a 20 yard encounter with a big 6×6 where our client was at fulldraw when the bull busted him and whirled.  With our non guided guys 4 out of 5 saw bulls and one good bulls was missed at 30 yards.

2nd Group:  This week we had 6 guided hunters, all 6 saw multiple bulls, 4 out of 6 had shot opportunities at bulls, and 2 of 6 killed.  We also had one bear harvested, one bear missed, and 2 mule deer missed.

3rd Group:  We had 8 guided hunters and we went 6 out of 8 on shots at elk.  We had one cow and one bull harvested along with alot of misses and close calls.  This week we also had 3 non guided hunters in a wall tent and they went 2 out of 3 on bulls.

4th Group:  This week we had 4 guided clients and 2 non-guided muzzleloader hunters.  Our guided guys went 2 out of 4 on kills and we had one monster bull missed, a lot of close calls and one small legal bull passed up.  Our non-guided muzzleloader clients missed one shot at 50 yards and had multiple close calls on bulls.

Summary:  We had 20 guided elk hunters this season.  We were 80% on shot opportunities and 35% on kills.  We also had 9 non-guided elk hunters this season.  They were 55% on shot opporunities and 22% on kills.                                                                        

Dan from Iowa harvested his first elk on the third day of his hunt with guide Luke.

Shea (left), guide Luke (middle), Greg (right).

Greg (left) and Shea (right) had a Colorado double on the 4th day of their hunt with guide Luke.

John from IL shot this cow on the first day of his hunt to kick off the week.

The dry ground underneath John’s cow elk left it’s mark of where she expired.

Cole from PA shot this great 6×7 on his non guided hunt.

Bob from PA shot this bull during his non guided hunt up on the mountain.

Wright from GA shot this awesome 5×7 bull at just over 40 yards with is Hoyt compound, nice job Wright!

Scott from TX shot this bull on the first morning of his hunt with guide Luke.  Scott’s good friend Will was there to help celebrate the moment.

Will from NJ shot this great bull on the last day of his hunt with guide Luke.

Our middle son Seth shot this bull at 20 yards with guide Weston.

Michele shot this great bull and cow all in one night from her Ameristep ground blind with only a few days left of the season.