Week 1

We had a great first week. We had 8 guided  hunters in camp and all of them had legal bucks in bow range for 100% shot opportunity. 1 hunter passed on a smaller buck, 2 hunters missed  and 5 out of 8 harvested nice bucks for 63% harvest success for our guided hunters. Our non-guided hunter Dave also harvested a nice buck.

Week 2

Week 2 We had 7 hunters in camp and 6 of the 7 had shot opportunities on bucks for 86% shot opportunity.   3 of the 7 harvested bucks.


Week 3

Week 3 We had 5 hunters in camp and all had bucks in range for 100% shot opportunity.  4 of the 5 harvested bucks  for 80% harvest success.


Week 4

We had 3 hunters in Camp for our last week of Antelope season. All 3 had shot opportunities and 2 of the 3 harvested nice bucks.