Week 1

First Week of Archery Elk we had 4 hunters in camp and all hunters had shot opportunities on legal elk. 2 hunters harvested nice bulls while the other two hunters passed on cows and came close on bulls.

Week 2

Week 2 we had 10 hunters in camp.  This week was a heartbreaker with all but one of the hunters having legal elk in bow range. 3 of the hunters had elk in range with no shot opportunity and 6 of the hunters either had shot opportunities, missed or passed  on legal elk. Only 1 hunter didn’t have an elk in bow range.  All in all a week of lots of close calls, multiple misses and  no harvests.

Week 3

Week 3 we had 4 hunters in camp and all had multiple shot opportunities. Abner from Pennsylvania harvested a beautiful bull on day two.

Non Guided Drop Camp Hunters

All of our non-guided drop camp hunters were on elk. We had many close calls and shot opportunities and many misses.  Three of our hunters below harvested nice elk.