1st Week Rifle Elk

We had 3 hunters in camp and all 3 had shots on elk, 1 missed and 1 passed with 1 elk killed so we were 100% on shot opportunities and 33% on kills.

2nd Week Rifle Elk

12 hunters and 8 nice elk killed for a 67% success rate. 11 had shot opportunities , 1 missed and 1 passed, only 1 hunter did not have a shot which made for a 91% rate on opportunities.  1 hunter also killed a nice muley buck.

3rd Week Rifle Elk

All 10 hunters got shots on elk with 1 miss. All nice bulls and a few really good ones. This gave us 100% on shot opportunities and a 90% kill rate. 1 hunter scored on a great mule deer as well.

4th Week Rifle Elk

All 5 hunters in camp got shots on elk with 4 nice bulls and 1 cow taken for a 100% success rate on kills and shots.