1st Week of Antelope went great!!  Lots of shots.  We had six hunters and they each had at least two shots on bucks within 25 yards.  Our hunters harvested 3 bucks and all left with some good stories.

2nd Week of Antelope:  8 Guided hunters had a rough go of it as rain hammered us a few days.  We felt fortunate to have gotten six of the eight hunters shot opportunities.  Two hunters passed on small bucks.  Two hunters harvested bucks, one of them a monster P & Y approximately 74 inches and four hunters missed shots.  They were a great group of guys and despite a slow week the laughs never stopped.

We also had three non-guided hunters who all saw trophy bucks but with all the standing water, they didn’t get a shot.

3rd Week of Antelope:  We had 8 guided hunters  this week.  6 out of the 8 took 13 shots at antelope.  Three antelope were harvested including one monster taken by Larry of Oklahoma. We also had two non-guided hunters who saw some nice bucks but did not harvest anything.

4th Week of Antelope we had 4 antelope hunters and three of the four harvested P & Y bucks even though we had some rain that made it a little tough.

5th Week of Antelope We had 5 hunters and numerous bucks were spotted and some passed on some smaller bucks. One killed a nice buck on the 3rd day. Michele Eichler killed her first buck on her second day of hunting.  On the first day she harvested a coyote that came into drink.

Ed  from Texas and guide Cam with his first week Antelope Buck

Derek  and guide Dick with a nice Antelope Buck taken the first week of Season

Chris Parrino from Illinois with his 5th Antelope taken with us at Fulldraw Outfitters.  Chris captured his hunt on video.

Big Bird from Maryville, MO with his antelope buck he harvested on the tough second week.

Chad from Asheboro NC with his P& Y Antelope taken 2nd week.

Larry from Oklahoma with his monster taken the first day of his hunt.

Aden from Pennsylvania with guide Cam and his P & Y Buck

Bob from PA and his nice buck taken with his vintage Bear Recurve

Marty and his antelope buck taken on his father and son hunt to Colorado.

Marty’s son Quaid with guide Jake and Fred.  Quaid had a great time on his first antelope hunt.

Michael Waddell (Right) and guides Jake (left) and Cam (center) with Michael’s P & Y Antelope.  Look for this hunt on Realtree Roadtrips in 2006.

Ray Boone with guides Jake and Cam and his P & Y Antelope taken for his TV show on the Men’s Channel, The World of Hunting.

Hoyt Easton Rep Jesse with Guide Jake and Jesse’s nice Buck

Fred’s wife Michele with her first Antelope and Coyote taken out of the same blind

Ray and Roger took these two nice bucks on the last week of the season. Their friend Glen took a doe the same week.