1st Week of Archery Elk:  So far 1 hunter from Pennsylvania had a cow elk  at 25 yards, but no shot presented itself. Our own Fred Eichler harvested a nice 5×5 on a spot and stalk hunt for Easton Bowhunting TV on  opening day.

2nd Week of Archery Elk was great.  Our two hunters arrived and the first night one hunter Jerry harvested a mature cow.  On the second day our other hunter Rob took a nice 5×5 at a waterhole.  Michele Eichler harvested her first bull elk with guide Jake calling. So far our Archery Elk hunters are 4 out of 5.

3rd Week Jim & Trent from Pennsylvania had a great hunt! They saw a ton of elk and both had extremely close encounters. Although three shots were taken unfortunately they headed home without an elk.

4th  Week Dennis from Pennsylvania came out had some close calls with several elk. Dennis had one shot but the elk lucked out.

Non-guided Hunters: We had three non-guided elk hunters, Jason and Richard from New York and Mac from Texas.  All three had close calls with shots on elk but were not able to connect.

So for archery elk we ended up taking 9 hunters 2 harvested elk, 6 hunters either had shots or had legal elk within 25 yards and one hunter had no opportunities.  A great elk season all in all we already can’t wait till next year.

Fred and his opening day 5×5 Bull.  Fred stalked this bull in his bed and shot him on video.

Jerry from Minnesota and guide Jake with his first evening cow elk.

Rob from Wisconsin and guides Jake and Cam and Rob’s nice 5×5 taken on a waterhole

Michele Eichler and guide Jake with Michele first bull elk.  Jake called this bull into 10 yards.