This December deer season was slow for shooting, but incredible on animals seen. Our own Fred Eichler harvested a monster buck on video and our hunters all saw trophy bucks.  Dave from New Jersey passed 5 bucks and some does waiting for one of the 8 different Pope and Young bucks he saw during his hunt to come into range. Rob from Minnesota came close on a 180 class mule deer that spotted him lifting his bow.  He also passed on some small bucks and does.  Jerry from Minnesota saw  at least 3 different Pope and Young bucks and harvested a doe on the last evening of his hunt. Joel from New Jersey saw 8 different bucks on his hunt including a few monsters but nothing wandered in range. Michele had some close calls on some bucks and harvested a whitetail doe

Fred with his monster mulie.  Gross 190 2/8

Michele and her river bottom whitetail doe.