Archery and Rifle Elk hunts

    All archery hunts take place on private ranches with excellent accommodations and meals.  The terrain varies from timbered slopes to open meadows and stands of aspen.  Our standard hunter to guide ratio is  2:1.  We have had success with all methods of hunting elk and may use one of several methods to put you in bow range of your elk.  If conditions are conducive our experienced guides will bugle or cow call to enrage or tempt a bull into range.  We have also been successful guiding our hunters using the spot and stalk method.  If weather conditions are hot and dry, we often hunt from tree stands or ground blinds near natural watering holes.  All of our guides are experienced and accomplished bowhunters themselves that know what you need and expect from a bowhunt.

    Our rifle elk hunts range from high country ranch hunts where home is a sturdy wall tent, to migration hunts on private ranches at 6,000 feet.  We pick and choose our hunting areas according to the seasonal movements of the elk to help insure higher hunter success.  We recognize that a good first season hunting area may not be as high quality during the third season and so we select our camps accordingly – we take great pride in our rifle elk hunting and have quality leases, cooks and guides.  We believe we can arrange a hunt that will work for you.  Many of our elk areas also offer excellent mule deer hunting as well.  Just let us know if you also want to put in for a mule deer permit.

Colorado Elk Hunt Pricing

Archery Elk

5 day guided                                          $7,500

5 day Elk/Deer                                      $8,500

5 day Elk/Bear                                      $7,500 Kill fee for bear $1000

Rifle Elk

5  day guided                            $7,500

5 day Elk and Bear Combo                    $7,500  Kill fee for bear $1000

5 day Elk and Deer Combo                   $8,500

5 day Elk, Deer, and Bear Combo         $7,500 Kill fee for bear $1000

Muzzleloader Elk

5 day guided                                          $7,500

Guided hunts include all meals and lodging.  Hunter to guide ratio is 2:1 for archery and rifle hunts.

Season generally runs late-August to late-September for archery.  Archery elk tags can be purchased over the counter.

Rifle Seasons are in October and November.

All deer tags are currently on a draw system.  Application deadline is the first week of April.