1st season in Colorado we got hit with the biggest blizzard of the season.  Nevertheless two out of three of our hunters scored on nice birds.  Courtney Olsen guided his dad to a big gobbler the very first day before the blizzard hit.  Our other hunter Nick Dedaker had several close calls, before making a great shot on his bird.

In the next group we had 4 hunters, all of which scored on nice birds.  Jim Pesavento was joined by his wife Connie on his hunt.  Joe Pritchett and his son along with Dave Loper all shot nice birds.

Last week our two hunters both scored on nice birds the first day of their hunt.  Cam Keeler and Fred Eichler guided Scott and Reagan who came up from Texas for their hunt. This season has been awesome with all of our hunters.

Our own Fred Eichler also shot a big Merriams Gobbler on video for his upcoming TV show “Easton Bowhunting with Fred Eichler” to complete the Turkey Slam of all four species in 5 weeks.

First week in Nebraska Kent Zocher with guide Cam Keeler took this nice Nebraska bird.

David Allen with guides Bones and Jake scored on this great Nebraska Gobbler

2nd week of Nebraska, Ben Dodge shot this bird with his recurve bow. Ben will be back in 2006 for another Nebraska hunt.

Cam also guided Jerry Brum to his bird the 2nd week of the Nebraska hunt.

Another traditional shooter, Doug Korn from NY with his nice bird.

Trent on his first turkey hunt with Mom & Dad.  This was one of two big gobblers taken by Fred on his two day Nebraska hunt.

Fred and his Colorado Merriams which made 8 turkeys with a bow for Fred this spring.  This completed his slam of all four species with a bow in 2005.

Courtney Olsen (Right) with guide Cam Keeler and Courtney’s Dad  Neil (Left) with Neil’s  nice bird taken the first week of the Colorado Season

Cam Keeler guided  Nick Dedaker to his bird taken two days after the biggest snow of the season.

Guide Jake with Jim Pesavento and his awesome Merriams Gobbler

Dave Loper and guide Cam Keeler with a beautiful Colorado Merriam Gobbler

Cam Keeler guided both Joe Pritchett and Joe Pritchett Jr. (Hot Rod) to two nice Colorado Gobblers

Scott and guide Fred with this big Merriams gobbler taken the first morning of Scott’s hunt.

Reagan  drove from TX and was guided by Cam Keeler to harvest this beautiful Merriams Gobbler his first day of the hunt.


1st season in Nebraska was a terrific success.  As usual there were tons of birds.  Our two hunters Kent Zocher and David Allen  both scored on nice birds.  They each had numerous shot opportunities under 25 yards during their three day hunt.

2nd season proved to be another great hunt.  Our 4 hunters from NY Bowhunters each had multiple shot opportunities with three nice birds harvested.

Our own Fred Eichler headed to Nebraska to film an episode of his new TV show Easton Bowhunting which will begin airing the end of June.  Fred shot two big gobblers.  On one of the hunts his wife Michele and son Trent (5 1/2 months) joined him.  Michele filmed the hunt while Dad harvested a mature gobbler. Trent helped call.  You can’t start them too young!

All in all this was another amazing Nebraska spring turkey season.