Hunts are Booked through 2017 


    Our lion hunts take place in some of the most breathtaking scenery Colorado has to offer, where everyday has the potential to be magnificent.  The hounds are experienced and give their hearts to catch your lifetime trophy.  Our normal guide to hunter ratio is 2:1.  Two guides are more efficient at locating the tracks of this solitary animal that makes it’s home in rough, remote country.  You will spend your time in deep canyons and high ridges where the wind is often the only other sound other than the baying of the hounds.  This hunt is for the hunter that enjoys the whole outdoor experience.  Our efforts are rewarded when you top a ridge and hear the hounds.  It is like a buzz from from a bees’ nest – loud and steady.  The hounds are saying that they have one and it is your turn to see “the ghost of the woods”.  It is a great and well earned moment, your moment.  We have worked hard to enjoy a 75-90% success rate on lions over the last four years.

Lion hunting takes experienced guides, a willingness to work, and a super pack of hounds.  We have all of these elements.

Mountain Lion Hunt Pricing (Archery, Pistol, Rifle) –

7 day hunt   (set 7 days of hunting)         $4500

7  day On-Call Hunt   $3500

Lion tags can be purchased over the counter. You must take the Colorado on line Mtn lion test prior to purchasing your license.  (takes 30 minutes) and you will receive your certificate on line.

Lion season runs from November through March

All meals and lodging included.

Hunts are booked through 2017